Men's Mental Health Australia (MHHA) is a safe place where men living with mental health issues can reach out for support through subsidised therapy services, assistance with payment of medications, and additional services to help support them. 


As a community-focused organisation, we offer confidential support and assistance to men who do not have the financial means to seek the help and support they need. We connect them with the right people and organisation to support them through their mental health journey. 

MMHA connects with local support organisations and communities in the northern rivers region to deliver the best outcomes for men living with Mental health issues. We do this by providing support, coping mechanisms, and giving men a safe space where they gain the confidence to speak up and talk about their truths. ​

Our aim for the organisations is to help and support men living with mental health issues, in the hopes to reduce the prevalence and impact of depression, anxiety, suicide and other mental health conditions. By supporting people in the Australian community by preventing and managing their mental health and to help in recovery when they are unwell. Reduce people’s stigma and discrimination relating to depression, anxiety and suicide by assisting people who are unable to afford to pay for services, support and medication that will help men get back on track to a better life.


As part of MMHA we aim to create learning and development programs, that help families learn about mental health, coping mechanisms and techniques to assist in understanding and recognising symptoms in men. Delivery would be through online platforms and Face-to Face as well as creating learning & development workplace programs, which would teach Managers and Employees about factors men living with mental health issues face everyday and how to assist in a positive and proactive manner. This will give businesses the opportunity to enhance workplace and staff wellbeing programs through education of employees.

MMHA was founded by Leigh Cowen, who took his personal experience of suffering mental health issues, which empowered him and led him to create a private Men's Mental Health Facebook group in 2017, which has grown to over 8,000 members globally. The group is there to help and support men from any background, age, race or sexual preference cope with mental health issues.