The Men's Mental Health Australia journey started when founder Leigh Cowen went through his own personal mental health struggles. During this challenging time in his life, he could not find the support he needed and felt embarrassed about talking about his mental health struggles to friends; his call out for help came through contacting and chatting to strangers through Facebook. He felt this was the safest option for him as it made him feel anonymous and secure when he spoke openly about his journey.


Just as these conversations helped Leigh through his challenging times, he quickly realised that he was not alone; there were many other men in the same situation as him, and there needed to be a safe space where men could help men with their struggles. This led Leigh to create the Facebook group Men's Mental Health three years ago as a support portal where men could open up, share their stories,  support each other, learn coping mechanisms and understand the free services available to them. Leigh then proceeded to study and gained his qualification as a life coach and NLP practitioner. This has given Leigh the opportunity to help men understand their worth, help men figure out what they need in life and Leigh helps men understand what they need to do to get their lives back on track and live their lives to the fullest. 


The Facebook group rapidly grew to over 10k members, helping thousands of men with mental health issues understand and learn to cope with their struggles. Leigh knew it was time for the next step, setting up a platform that provides further assistance and help men facing mental health issues need, changing the stigma of men being hard men. 


He is committed to making a difference in men's lives and wants to help and support them on their journeys. Creating a safe place where men can gain the help they need, the support they deserve, and the tools require to live with ease.


Leigh feels that society needs retraining to understand that men need to be more sensitive, open up, cry, and start talking about their feelings without judgment. 

Men's Mental Health Australia raises money through selling merchandise and accept donations and sponsorship to assist men living with mental health issues; we help subsidise medication and therapy services for men who don't have the financial means to pay. 

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